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Unrivaled Southern Hospitality the Pursell Way

Where business meets relaxation: the ultimate corporate retreat experience in Alabama

Rooted in tradition and steeped in fine hospitality, the Pursell family has been welcoming guests into their homes for decades, and for them, hospitality just comes naturally. Even the foundation for Pursell Farms began with the simple gesture of hospitality around Jimmy and Chris Pursell’s dining room table as a new partnership began to unfurl that would transform their small-town fertilizer company into one of the largest turfgrass industries in the country.Today, Pursell Farms has expanded their reach of southern hospitality from the family home of Jimmy and Chris Pursell into a relaxed, luxury resort destination, but with the same gracious hosting the Pursells have ushered for years.Every guest that steps foot onto The Farm is promised southern hospitality, the “Pursell Way.” Leave your stresses at the front gate and experience the best in rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation while you are here at Pursell Farms. After all, you deserve it, and we want to deliver it.

Our 10 Point Southern Hospitality Promise

  1. Politeness/Good Manners While “ma’am” and “sir” are engrained in our vocabulary, we believe good manners and politeness go much deeper than a few spoken courtesy titles and begin with respect for every guest. We ensure that doors will be opened, chairs will be pulled out for ladies, and everyone will be greeted with a warm smile - not because we are told to do so, but because we are genuinely delighted that you have chosen Pursell Farms above any other resort, restaurant, or golf course.
  1. Authentic Home Cooking Southerners share a passion for good food and social gatherings, so meals at The Farm are more than just a daily routine to curb hunger. Our culinary team has crafted menus from tried-and-true family recipes, southern staples, and farm-fresh fare to ensure every dish is authentic and creates conversation around the table.
  1. Kindness Kindness is similar to politeness, which is done out of respect for you, our guest. Kindness is that small, simple act you would not expect to receive. We often look for ways to make your stay special without you even having to ask. Kindness at Pursell Farms might be as simple as a personal note from our housekeeping team in your guestroom to a surprise dessert because we overheard about your new promotion. The gesture might not be elaborate every time, but we want you to know we are thinking about you during your stay with us.
  1. Helpfulness & Expecting Nothing in Return One morning, a couple of guests en route to Pursell Farms had a flat tire about 4-miles from the property. Overhearing the conversation on the phone with a front desk agent, David Pursell interjected that he would go rescue our stranded guests and help them change their tire. Our owner could have easily dismissed the situation or sent someone else to their aid, but he wanted to turn a seemingly negative experience into a positive one for our guests. This mentality is what we instill in all of our employees: to lend a helping hand with nothing in return.
  1. Charming & Genuine A common thread among southerners is their ability to win people over with their charming demeanor. From the moment guests drive onto the property, they are warmly greeted at our guard house with a friendly smile and often a firm handshake. This initial greeting sets the tone for all the employees you will encounter during your stay, and you might be surprised how genuine their reaction is to serve you. Our employees are the reason we have earned the unofficial title of being “Famously Friendly.”    
  1. Welcoming/Feeling Like Family One of the most widely accepted ideas of southern hospitality is that southerners will welcome anybody into their home and instantly make them feel like family, which is actually how Pursell Farms began. In the early 2000s, after FarmLinks was built, the Pursells welcomed golf course superintendents from around the globe to their home in Fayetteville, AL. For many, the concept of southern hospitality was merely a phrase they had often heard but never understood until the Pursells graciously welcomed them. Today, our guests, whether traveling for business or pleasure, should always feel like they are walking into our home and instantly treated as another member of the family.
  1. Attention to Detail A keen eye and attention to detail are crucial to the southern host. Our homes should be tidy and orderly yet have a warm, inviting presence, so we pride our team on keeping our home at Pursell Farms looking pristine at all times. In addition, our owners spent more time picking our painting colors and curtain fabric for The Inn to ensure the right balance of relaxed luxury. You can be sure that every detail around Pursell Farms did not happen by chance but was given plenty of thought with our guests in mind.
  1. Entertaining/Social Hosting a casual or formal get-together is a favorite southern pastime as a way for family and friends to socialize. At Pursell Farms, we often look for opportunities to host events at The Farm for you to join us to learn a new skill, observe master craftsmen at their trade, sample food and wines, and listen to up-and-coming musical talent. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing The Farm teeming with people smiling, laughing, and having a good time.
  1. Charitable Giving back to the community has always been a high priority to the Pursell family. We strive to contribute to local charities and non-profits through donations or service. We give because much has been given to us!
  1. Extra-Mile Service The type of service we provide at Pursell Farms is what we like to call “relaxed luxury.” To us, relaxed luxury is all the extra-mile, cutting-no-corners service you expect from a luxury resort without all the pretentiousness. Why do we take the time to triple-sheet our beds? Because we believe that three sheets are better than just one.
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