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You’ve found the perfect dress. You know the exact way the sun shines under the oak trees at the venue of your dreams. Now you’re ready to pick out the person who will spruce, erm, freshen up the entire scene with flowered arches, bouquets, and more. But, how much do florists cost for a wedding?

It depends. The average cost may be around $2,700. Not surprisingly, much of that’ll go into bouquets — one for the bride and another for her to throw, one for your maid of honor, and the rest of your party.

When you include the boutonnieres, table centerpieces, aisle runners, and other places you want to beautify with flowers, it’s easy to see how the numbers can climb quickly. And, if we know anything about Alabama weddings, it’s that they’re rarely small!

Finding a Wedding Florist

Many brides-to-be simply don’t know where to find florists for their weddings. And, that’s okay!

You have enough on your plate if you’re figuring out the gown of your dreams, trying to select a wedding planner in Birmingham, Alabama, or just finished choosing a venue that you think will provide a lifetime of memories.

Start with getting recommendations. People who’ve had a great experience with their wedding florists will be happy to share their names with you. You can try looking online for recommendations, but that can be tough — there aren’t a lot of national websites that know the Birmingham scene specifically, so you may have little luck.

Once you’ve gathered a few options, you’ll want to make sure that their style matches yours.  While floral designers can say that they match any vision you have, some really do specialize in the minimal or the ornate and classic. You can peruse their Instagram feeds for some ideas and even inspiration.

Then — and this is the least fun part — set the budget. You don’t have to share it immediately, but decorations should cost about 10 percent of your overall wedding. You can ask for proposals as ranges from the floral designers you choose based on their lowest bid and their “ideal fit” for your vision.

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Cheapest Wedding Flowers

Flowers are not cheap, even if you are able to find a wholesale option. Sold by the stem, you can pay more than $5 each for many orchids, gardenias, and even, Calla lilies. That’s why most wedding florists in Birmingham save these admittedly beautiful choices for bouquets and accents.

The cheapest wedding flowers are ones you might not immediately think of when it comes to nuptial planning. But you can create wonderful arrangements with carnations, tulips with various bursts of color, and even, tea roses or baby breath. Those can cost one-fifth as much as orchids and gardenias.

Getting a Floral Wedding Arch

While you may have a friend or cousin who finds themselves handy, you might not want to leave things like the arch where you and your future hubby will exchange vows to chance. Thankfully, the underlying structures are not too expensive, running between $75 and $125, plus the cost of the flowers used to decorate them.

You can ask the florist you choose whether or not they can rent out arch structures as part of a larger package.

Our Favorite Wedding Florists in Birmingham, Alabama

As we’ve said before, one of the first steps in choosing a wedding florist is asking for recommendations. Here are three of our favorite wedding florist in Birmingham options.


HotHouse is a full floral design studio and it’s no surprise that they are capable of putting together the most elaborate floral presentations you can imagine. They even have a blog that you can use for inspiration and props that can help augment your decorating vision.

Lillie Janes

We love the emphasis that Lillie Janes places on the personal. Multiple meetings with you and your mother if you opt for her, ensuring flowers are delivered to your choice of charity, even offering props and ornaments that add just the right touch to an amazing display.

Vera Flora Design

Proprietor Bryanna Booth of Vera Flora Design takes her work very seriously, and we love seeing her feed of floral inspirations. From her website to her feed, you’ll find the same honesty and warmth that can make her the perfect fit for future brides seeking a vibe that is less-than-serious, even if the results aren’t.

Your dream wedding awaits...
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