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'Bull Marketing' and the incredible story of FarmLinks

The story of FarmLinks, like all stories, has a beginning but this story does not begin like you might think. Some entrepreneuring-type people might want to climb onto the trending bandwagon of the day and do something big to capitalize on the latest and greatest fad only to become another small fish and a big pond. But that is not what David and Jimmy were wanting to do when they set out to build FarmLinks, the world's only research and demonstration golf course. Sure they were building another golf course at a time when courses were rapidly popping up all over the country, but they didn't just want to build another 'golf course' per se, they didn't even want to build a course that was necessarily meant to be 'played', they set out to revolutionize marketing!

Click the button below to read, "Bull Marketing" and learn about the incredible story of, FarmLinks.

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Elegant Southern cuisine with a farm fresh feel

Inspired by the surrounding farmland and all that grows and grazes on it, our chefs have crafted seasonal menus that celebrate classic Southern fare combined with fresh, modern ingredients to make each dish as distinct as Pursell Farms.

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Meet the Pursell Family

In addition to their heart for hospitality, the Pursell family has cultivated a love for the arts for generations. Because of this, the creative arts are woven into the fabric of the farm. The Pursell and Spanjer family of artists have cumulatively spent over 80 years developing their crafts. Their art spans a wide variety of mediums and substrates from pencil and EBONY to high quality oils and acrylics to Rust-Oleum and pine canvases. The combination of this collection of media highlights just how unique and diverse their talents and subject matter are.

David Pursell

Portrait Artist

David is known for is fine art pencil drawings of legendary golfers (including Bobby Jones and Arnold Palmer) many of which may be found here at the farm at the Butler Cabin and the Clubhouse at Saint Andrews.

Art Gallery

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Vaughan Pursell Spanjer

Pursell Farms Resident Artist

Vaughan’s work encompasses acrylic paintings, watercolors, and charcoal drawings of wildlife, landscapes, and animals. She notes that her work has a “peaceful and soothing nature that resonates with people.” Watch when you are in the ORVIS retail store, the spacious guest rooms, or the historic grand ballroom at Hamilton Place, many of her original works and high-quality prints grace the walls of Pursell Farms. Vaughan resides at Pursell Farms with her family and teaches art while continually working on her own craft.

Vaughan will be leading a series of painting classes for adults beginning this summer! Please stay tuned for more information.

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Art Gallery

Tim Spanjer

Pop Artist

Fine Art Done Boldly is Tim’s artistic mantra, and it materializes in three dramatic genres. His large format, Pop Art-styled paintings provoked through wry humor and vivid images, large biscuit-joined pine wood cutouts of pulp commercial subjects and unique “Cerealism” mosaic—images formed with intricately cut slices of cereal boxes—are astonishing in their complexity and beauty. Tim lives with his wife and fellow artist Vaughan Pursell Spanjer on the farm.

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Art Gallery

Meet the Pursell Family

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