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Winter Wonderland Weddings in Alabama

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Planning your wedding will probably be one of the biggest experiences of your life. A lot of time and effort goes into planning the perfect wedding. From venue bookings and music choices to dress fittings and cakes sampling. And let’s not forget the careful navigation of family politics to plan the seating arrangements. You’re going to be a busy bride with details, dates, and drama.

A Year in the Distance

When you’re planning your wedding, you will find that everything revolves around the date of your big day. You won’t be able to do much without it. You’ll run into trouble if you try to book at the last minute. Especially if you have specific preferences that are in high demand.

The general consensus is that you should start planning your wedding one year in advance. Venues, musicians, caters, and photographers are usually booked ahead of time. One year will give you time to plan every aspect of your wedding without rushing or sacrificing anything.

The Month of Your Big Day

The five most popular months for weddings are October, September, June, May, and August. Why? During the summer and fall months, it’s warm and sunny. Outdoor weddings are very popular, and many people have more time during the summer. Should you choose a summer wedding too?

Every bride wants their wedding to be special and different – a day everyone in the family will remember as an amazing day. You have probably been to at least one or two summer weddings. They were gorgeous, the sun was shining, and it was perfect. But how do you get your wedding to stand apart from those?  You don’t just want another wedding.  You want an unforgettable one.

Winter Weddings

If you want different and unique, winter ’tis the season to be wed. Hosting your wedding during the winter season will automatically separate you from those cookie-cutter summer weddings. It will offer a fresh and new experience to your friends and family too – as your winter wedding will probably be the first winter wedding they attended!

Plus, the winter season has got something the summer season can never hold a candle to – the holidays. Now there are pros and cons to a holiday wedding. However, the minute November starts, there’s an ambiance in the air that only comes during the holidays. It’s a time where everyone takes a step back from the year and opens their hearts to spend time with loved ones. And what’s a better way for hearts to open than to witness two people in love getting married.

Alabama Weddings

For a beautiful gem of the south, look no further than “Sweet Home Alabama” for your winter wonderland wedding. Instead of muggy Alabamian summer air and a scorching sun hovering over your wedding, the Alabamian winter air is cool and crisp.  You won’t have to sacrifice your venue choice either. You can still have an outdoor wedding – just make sure you and your guests have a warm shawl or coat!

Beautiful landscapes mixed with exciting city life, it’s got the best of both worlds. As a major city in Alabama, Birmingham has a lot to offer – especially during the winter season. From the famous Birmingham Zoo to the upscale shopping centers around Birmingham like Downtown Homewood, The Summit, and Riverchase Galleria, there’s fun for the entire family.

If you make your way a little farther to Huntsville, you can witness the gorgeous Galaxy of Lights display hosted by Huntsville Botanical Garden. But if you want to stay closer to the city, you’ll find that residents of Birmingham go all out during the holidays and display phenomenal light displays in their front yards. Stores and businesses are no different. Just check out the Regions Center during the holidays!

And for you – our bride-to-be – Birmingham is home to many bridal shops with numerous designers. Take all the time you need to find that special dress. The choices are endless and the options are suitable for any budget.

Pursell Farms – Your Southern Destination Wedding is Here!

Look no further than just outside of Birmingham for your southern destination wedding. Pursell Farms is a stunning and elegant resort that enjoys a breath-taking scenic landscape and a lovely antebellum estate home. Its natural beauty mixed with its southern charm makes Pursell Farms an unbeatable wedding venue for your winter wedding. You can choose between an indoor wedding in the perfectly restored estate or an outdoor wedding surrounded by all the rustic beauty of the south. Or a combination of both. It’ll be fun for the whole family – even your little four-legged family members!  Pursell Farms is run by an enthusiastic and friendly team dedicated to making your wedding day unforgettable.

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