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Whimsical Winter Wedding Ideas

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Crisp snow. Twinkly lights. There’s something quite special about a winter wedding wonderland. Weddings in winter have a magical quality that summer nuptials just can’t top!

This is an exciting time, transitioning from engagement to making plans for wintertime vows. Luckily, the bride-to-be will find plenty of ways to add winter whimsy and festive elegance to her day. Read on for ways to incorporate the spirit of the season into a cooler-season wedding ceremony.

Decorate in Contrasts

The world outside may be muted, but there’s nothing like a bit of contrast to bring out the warmth. Brides could find inspiration with a color theme like one of the following:

  • Maroon and dusty blue
  • Fern green, white, and black
  • Garnet red and chocolate brown, or
  • Sea green and navy blue

Consider these tips when using color themes: Pick out a few choice elements for each color, like garnet red for place cards, bridesmaid dresses, some of the bridal bouquet, and a few hanging lights. For chocolate brown, try it in elements like table settings or natural wood tables, and add a hint or two—plus red—to decorate the cake.

Or Go Subtle

Another trend for brides is to choose subtle colors, often those with shimmery or metallic undertones. Going this route lets the bride create an ethereal ambiance, where the overall effect draws guests’ eyes right across the room.

More subtle color themes might include the following:

  • Gray and silver
  • Silver and gold
  • Blush pink and cream
  • Rose gold and light gray, or
  • Silvery green and gray

Just like colors that have deep contrast, colors with gentler gradation should appear in a few distinct elements. To bring out winter whimsy in her wedding celebration, a bride might focus on blush pink for the table linens, floral centerpieces, bridesmaid winter wraps, and aisle decor.  She might then use cream for dinnerware, lighting, floral arrangements, and the wedding cake.

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Bring Greenery Inside

Greenery never truly fades in winter, even when the weather is cool and rainy with a hint of snow. Indeed, it could be one of the most gorgeous backdrops on a bride’s special day. Imagine a bride exchanging vows with her groom before a large window, where beyond sit pines and cedars mixed with deciduous species enjoying winter’s rest.

Brides have many options for enjoying nature’s greenery indoors. They could decorate table settings and wedding aisles. They might wrap vines and branches around architectural posts and wedding arches. Truly, there are no wrong ways to embrace the beauty of nature at a wedding.

What about faux greens? High-quality artificial greenery makes an excellent alternative, and it can look identical to the real thing. A blend of artificial vines and greenery sprigs alongside fresh clippings can further envelop the senses. Brides and their wedding planners should experiment to see which mix works best for their theme.

Layer on the Magic

Sleeveless wedding dresses are perfect for a summer ceremony. For winter? Brides need another to think more about the weather. Long sleeve bridal gowns offer the perfect solution. Not only do long sleeves offer warmth to a blushing bride, but they can also act as a canvas for creativity.

Consider bell sleeves that flare out at the wrist, tulle illusion sleeves with embroidered flowers, or a boho-style dress with sheer high neck and bishop sleeves.

Long sleeves aren’t the only option. Brides might fall for a faux fur wrap, fabric capelet, long cloak, long sheer cape with intricate beading, or a multi-layered bodice and skirt.

Get Twinkling

Another way to welcome the whimsy is to take the lighting up a notch. Fairy lights are perfect for the task. Brides can incorporate string lighting across the ceiling and central beams of the venue, down the aisle, and across the wedding arch. And don’t forget about any freestanding elements, like potted plants and decorative tables. They work incredibly well with twinkly fairy lights.

Keep Things Cozy

Winter weddings go hand in hand with cozy intimacy. Sometimes, rethinking the layout of the wedding can create a uniquely welcoming ambiance. Think circular ceremonies—called marriage in the round—where guests sit around the couple, as opposed to facing in one direction. Another way to introduce intimacy is to create a series of half circles with the bride and groom on the straight edge, exchanging vows before a cozy fireplace.

Embrace the Season

The carefully chosen decor brings a touch of winter magic to the ceremony. Brides can embrace the season with wedding planning fit for winter perfection. Consider accents like a warming hot chocolate and cider bar, blankets for outdoor photos, winter-blooming flowers, branches with sparkly hanging crystals, and romantic candles.

The winter season has romance written all over it, making it perfect for exchanging vows. For the newly engaged bride-to-be, a winter ceremony brings endless creative potential for a whimsical wedding surrounded by family and friends.

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