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Fall Wedding Reception Inspiration

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Fall Wedding Reception Inspiration

Whether it’s a cool autumn breeze toning down the blistering summer heat, the taste of the spring harvest finally bearing fruit, or the leaves changing from green to brown as the trees prepare for winter, no one can deny that fall season on a southern farm has a special kind of magic.

Often called ‘the season of change,’ fall is the perfect time for a wedding celebration to commemorate you and your partner’s or loved ones’ transition into married life. If you are looking to throw the idyllic fall wedding, you need the right setting and inspiration to throw an impeccable wedding reception.

As specialists in providing the ultimate southern farm wedding experience, we’ve put together the best fall wedding reception inspiration guide to help you plan an amazing event to celebrate this next phase of life.

Fall wedding reception color palette

From the napkins to the name cards, tablecloths, and every other accessory, paying attention to the color palette selection is a must if you want to pull off the best fall vibe to your wedding reception.

Unlike the lighter pastels of spring or bright colors of summer, fall colors are epitomized by the rich, earthy tones of burgundy, burnt orange, deep red, forest green, and mustard yellow.

Within the reception itself, you can incorporate these colors into anything that has print, ribbon, bows, or similar decorations. Of course, if you are using natural fall foliage as part of the decorations, you will end up naturally incorporating many of these colors into your reception.

Selecting a reception venue

The venue itself plays a big role in pulling off the ultimate fall vibe experience at your wedding reception.

If you have your ceremony in the late afternoon, you may want to look at an indoor venue for the dinner and reception, since temperatures begin dropping in the fall evenings.

While it may sound strange at first, a re-finished barn can provide an amazing indoor venue for the reception.

No, we don’t mean a live-animal barn with hay on the floor and horses in stalls. Rather, consider an old barn with added insulation, refinished wood interior, polished floors, and a roaring fireplace.

The rustic look of old wood on the walls coupled with the aesthetic of a properly-updated interior design provides the perfect contrast to give your fall wedding reception the extra touch when it comes to symbolizing the classic southern harvest season.

The ultimate fall wedding decorations

Given the abundance of natural decoration options associated with the fall season, consider going for accouterments such as small gourds, squashes, pumpkins to adorn the tables.

Wreaths made from autumnal leaves, flowers, and wheat stocks can further accent your fall wedding decorations. Shedded deer antlers can add another touch to the decorations, driving home the country aesthetic.

Use seasonal blooms like dahlias, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums for your floral arrangements. You can incorporate additional foliage like twigs and berries for a more organic feel. Pair your flower decorations with metallic accents like gold and copper to add an elegant touch.

Autumn-themed drinks to set the mood

The fall season offers an array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options to suit your guests’ tastes. From the warmth of mulled wine to the sweet, smokey maple bourbon old-fashioned or richness of hot buttered rum, there is no limit to the party you can throw when it comes to some great fall-inspired drinks.

Non-alcoholic options include hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, pumpkin spice lattes, or a cranberry apple sparkler. Greeting guests at the door to the reception with drink options is an excellent way to set the mood for an amazing fall wedding night.

Fall food for your wedding reception

Choosing the right food is a must for providing a harvest-time aura to your wedding reception. Appetizers like roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash soup, and roasted beet salad represent the freshness of the fall harvest.

Main courses like turkey and stuffing, roasted chicken, and honey-baked ham celebrate the bounty of the fall pasture. Consider a pumpkin curry or baked butternut squash lasagne to cater to your vegetarian guests.

For the wedding cake, you can select classic fall options like pumpkin spice cake, apple cider doughnut cake, or maple pecan cake to round out the perfect fall wedding banquet.

Finally, you can add food-based wedding favors like small jars of apple butter, mini maple syrup bottles, or bags of roasted chestnuts to give guests a tasty treat to commemorate your exceptional fall wedding.

Outdoor fall wedding features

Having an outdoor area where guests can congregate for some fresh air during the reception is a must. Plus, this gives them a chance to experience the fall sunset, harvest moon, and sky as the nights festivities begin to take full swing.

An outdoor fire seating area provides the perfect environment for socializing next to warmth and light. Not to mention, the rustic campfire experience is unmatched when it comes to providing the ultimate southern farm wedding venue.

Outdoor lighting should incorporate the amber glow of candle lanterns to create a warm glow.

You can also incorporate fairy lights into the area for an extra touch of fall magic.

Wrapping it up: the ultimate fall wedding reception

While the wedding ceremony is the focus for the bride and groom, the reception is what most people recall fondly when thinking back on their favorite wedding experiences.

Of course, the night is about the bride and groom, but no perfect wedding is complete without an amazing reception.

Let’s face it, everyone loves food, drink, and having a good time under the equinox moon. The inspirations we outlined above are sure to provide you and your guests with the absolute best-in-class fall wedding experience.

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