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Seven Elegant Winter Wedding Centerpieces

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There’s nothing like a wedding to add some warmth to the winter season. Maybe you’re starting to plan an elaborate, show-stopping wedding reception. Or, perhaps, your design style is more charming and simple. No matter how you feel about wedding design, you’re sure to discover a winter wedding centerpiece or tablescape idea to tie it all together.

Creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere is a beautiful way to express to your guests how much you appreciate their presence at this milestone event. These seven ideas highlight the beauty of the season and the warmth we are drawn to during the winter months.

1. Embrace Seasonal Nature

Bring the outdoors inside with elegant flair. Add natural touches that bring to mind the peaceful, starkly beautiful winter season.

Natural elements could include:

  • Evergreen boughs and pine cones circling a simple, sophisticated white floral arrangement
  • Holly stems with berries tucked inside napkins at each place setting
  • Birchbark covered candles
  • Centerpieces made from winter greenery instead of flowers

2. Let there Be Light

The darkness of winter makes way for light. A warmly lit table can feel like a cozy night by the fireplace.

Create an inviting, glowing atmosphere with:

  • Candle lanterns surrounded by greenery
  • Loosely arranged flameless tea light candles set among elegant ribbons and white orchids
  • Elegant candelabras set with tall, white taper candles
  • Candles hung from the branches of a wintry, leafless mini tree

3. Snow-inspired Tablescapes

Create a tablescape reminiscent of the still, crisp feeling of walking along a snow-covered pathway lit by the moon. Guests who don’t typically experience much winter snow are sure to be delighted.

A snowy tablescape could include:

  • Crisp, white linens
  • Silvery evergreen tree models
  • A smattering of snowflake confetti strewn across an ice-blue table covering
  • Gleaming candles in bark-covered holders
  • A “snow-covered” evergreen centerpiece

4. Holiday-influenced Table Design

If your wedding date falls near or on a holiday, you may decide to lean into a holiday-themed wedding and reception. On the other hand, you might make purposeful choices to minimize a holiday feel. This design falls somewhere in the middle, featuring splashes of typical holiday colors mixed with sophisticated elements.

Express the spirit of the season with:

  • A monotone theme like white or silver with a single shiny, red ribbon wrapped around a clear vase filled with a gorgeous mix of white flowers
  • A centerpiece created as a small stack of artfully arranged, silver or white beautifully wrapped “gifts” adorned with silver and gold ribbon
  • Glass ornaments hanging from a silver tree with bare branches
  • Candles with a light balsam scent

5. Glittery Winter Glamor

If subtle isn’t your style, go all-in on wintery glam! Your guests will feel like they are out for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Create a lush, glitzy table with features like:

  • Sequined linens
  • Gold cutlery
  • Silk napkins
  • Chargers and plates in gold or jewel tones
  • Lavish floral centerpieces with a mix of subdued colors and prominent greenery
  • A small candle at each place setting
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6. Decorative Winter Bowls

An empty decorative bowl may seem like an unlikely place to start when creating an eye-catching tablescape. This is one idea where a little creativity goes a long way, however.

Bowl over your guests with one of these creative, wintry inspirations:

  • A glass bowl filled with silver and gold glass ornaments
  • A gold or jewel-tone bowl overflowing with imitation sugared plums and other glittery imitation fruits
  • A large shallow bowl filled with white pebbles and a single, small evergreen in the center lit with fairy lights

7. Eclectic Winter Elegance

Some couples love to surprise guests with unexpected details, including design elements. Tabletop winter decor is an ideal place to incorporate a few unique touches.

Build a one-of-a-kind tablescape centered around one of these eclectic ideas:

  • Tabletop ice sculptures carved into winter-inspired objects like ice skaters or big snowflakes
  • Winter-themed terrariums
  • Small, tiered wedding cakes at each table
  • An interactive centerpiece (for example, a pretty winter scene set with miniatures that guests can move around and play with)

Narrowing Your Choices

As with all things related to wedding planning, sometimes the difficult part is making decisions from a long list of excellent choices. This is undoubtedly true of table design and decor.

One bit of advice is to start with a single element you know you would like to include and then create your design around it. If you’re still struggling, it may be time to connect with a wedding planner who can help make your vision come to life.

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