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The 8 Best Fall Wedding Looks

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The fall is among our favorite seasons to get married in the Southern United States. With the rich color backdrop of bronze leaves, deep evergreen pines, and the orange of freshly harvested pumpkins, a Southern farm fall wedding is the perfect setting to celebrate the next phase of you or your loves one’s life together.

As you probably know, planning a wedding requires a seemingly infinite list of decisions, each of which requires careful consideration for the best wedding experience. If you are looking at a fall wedding, we’ve made your life a bit easier by discussing the best fall wedding looks to suit your taste and preference.

Considerations for Your Fall Wedding Look

When it comes to picking the best fall  look for your perfect wedding, the season of change has many options.

As temperatures cool from September through November, you should consider the exact date you plan to get married as well as the time of day. Earlier in the fall, the temperatures can still be reasonably warm, so less outwear and a lighter dress might be appropriate.

As temperatures drop towards mid-to-late November, you should consider adding additional layers, especially for the bride, if you are going to do an outdoor ceremony or reception.

While traditional white wedding dress can be an option, we recommend looking into an ivory or cream-colored wedding gown aesthetic that compliments the natural hues of the traditional fall foliage and flora.

All of our fall looks should include footwear that is both comfortable and stylish, such as boots or embellished flats.

The following are the top 8 choices for a stunning fall wedding look that give you a variety of aesthetic options to suit your style and personality.

Autumn Lace Elegance

Lace is a timeless style that meshes well for any seasonal look. For a fall wedding lace option, consider a long-sleeved wedding dress. Ivory or champagne contrasts really well with the vibrant southern fall foliage, making them solid color choices.

Pair the lace dress with a soft updo or loose curls. You can nail the ultimate touch by adding a garnished goal leaf headband for the best autumnal charm.

Rustic Chic Look

If you are planning a southern farm wedding, you have the option to go all-out with the rustic look. Nail the southern charm with a simple, elegant A-line dress that incorporates soft, earthy tones. Top it off with a pair of styling cowboy boots for the perfect countryside wedding vibe that compliments the beautiful southern autumn landscape.

Vintage Velvet

Add a vintage look to your fall wedding getup with a deep burgundy or emerald green velvet dress. This is a great option if you are getting married later in the fall after temperatures drop. A striking green will highlight the evergreen landscape tones while contrasting the deep reds and browns of maple leaves falling to the ground. Add a vintage brooch bouquet to round out this opulent look.

Floral Appliqué Gown

If you want more of a whimsical look to your wedding style, consider a gown adorned with floral appliqués. This style blends well with the fall season, giving off a natural, romantic, and subtle-yet-glamorous vibe. Select appliqués with soft autumn colors like gold, maroon, or burnt orange for a cohesive look that matches your perfect fall wedding.

The Boho Bride

For a more free-spirited approach to your wedding look, consider an airy dress with ruffled or fringe details and intricate lace to capture the classic bohemian style. A flower crown with autumn foliage and blooms will tie this look together, giving you a unique but stylish wedding look perfect for the fall season.

Southern Belle

We would be remiss discussing a Southern wedding style guide without mentioning the Southern Belle. Embrace traditional Southern elegance with a large, ball gown style dress. You can add gold or copper embellishments to make sure you nail the complete fall look. Pair this dress with an updo and pearl accessories for a wedding day look that radiates Southern charm and sophistication.

The Sleek Minimalist

If you are after a more modern aesthetic, you can make a powerful statement with a sleek minimalist gown. Opt for a simple dress in warm tones such as cream or champaign. You can add a nice accent with gold jewelry and a dramatic fall bouquet to give yourself a touch of seasonal flair to this minimalist design.

The Two-Piece Affair

A two-piece wedding ensemble adds a bold, contemporary look to your wedding outfit. Options like a satin of silk top with an embellished tulle skirt are a perfect blend of modern and classic. This option provides flexibility across the entire fall season, since you can pair it with a faux fur shawl or capelet for added warmth and style if your wedding date is closer towards the beginning of winter.

Final Thoughts on Your Fall Wedding Look

The Southern United States in fall season provides an absolutely stunning setting for your wedding day. The season of change symbolizes the major next step in your lives, and should be complimented by a complete fall-focused design to your entire wedding for the ultimate autumn experience.

While the styles we look at above focus on the bride’s wedding outfit given the wider range of considerations, the groom’s attire should also focus on matching the setting. For example, consider a burnt-orange tie, burgundy boutonniere, or even a tweed suit for a classic gentleman’s look that will perfectly line up with your fall wedding aesthetic.

Regardless of the specific dress style you choose, nailing the fall look is about the feeling your dress evokes.

The dress and outerwear should blend seamlessly with the venue, décor, food selection and personality of the couple to create a harmonious and unforgettable fall wedding day.

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