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Mastering Hang Time: Golf Tips from Our Director of Golf

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Over the years, a mythology has developed around the Farmlinks course at Pursell Farms, with each hole having a personality of it's own. A mix of fun, accessible holes and challenging ones draws golfers of all skill levels. None stand out more than Hole 5, aply called "Hang Time" for it's masterful overlook of the farm and the sweeping view of Southern Alabama. It's high-up position on the tees make it the most photographed spot on the course, but it's layout is no joke. Here's some tips from our resident pro player that will help you impress your party on this beautiful, but tough par 3.

What Makes Hang Time So Iconic?

It all starts with the overlook view to the green. It's a deceptively short 200-ish yard shot, depending on where the pin is located when you play. The slope from the tee position has meant overshooting for many a player that's been too aggressive. Adding tothe challenge is the wind, which can easily pick up and drive your shot into the woods on the left.

Historically, the hole has ties to President Andrew Jackson and his discovery of what would become known as "Gantt's Quarry". The rock from the quarry would go on to be used for several American monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial.

Mastering Hang Time

At FarmLinks, there can be no arguing that FarmLinks’ Hole No. 5, Hang Time, has become our most remarkable and most photographed hole. However, the elevation and sweeping mountain views can cloud your shot-making strategy if you are not careful. Director of Golf, Curtis Ohrn, shares some insightful tips for golfers to tackle Hang Time like a pro.

Pursell Farms: Curtis, what do you think makes Hang Time so iconic to FarmLinks? Naturally, the scenery is a big feature for Hang Time.

Curtis Ohrn: It’s a unique hole since the shot will play 40 yards shorter (2-3 clubs less) compared to the yardage on the scorecard. So, if a player normally hits an 8 iron 150 yards, they are now forced to hit a 110-yard shot using their pitching wedge.

Club selection becomes even more difficult if the wind is blowing. If you are hitting into the wind, it will affect the shot even more because of the elevation and create more spin on the ball, demanding the player to hit a lower trajectory shot while also having enough distance to carry the hazard.

PF: You’re the golf professional here. What advice would you give someone trying to hit Hole No. 5 for the first time?

CO: Club selection and trajectory are crucial. It is more challenging to hit the ball straight when the ball is in the air for a longer period. I recommend that the player use more club to assure they carry the hazard and moving up a tee making the hole somewhat easier to play, especially for the higher handicap players.

PF: Even though Hang Time is a crowd-pleaser, there are still 17 other fantastic holes throughout FarmLinks. Do you have a favorite hole?

CO: Hole No. 7, Big Daddy. I enjoy the challenge of the tee shot. There is a bunker in the middle of the fairway you must avoid as well as the native grass left of the fairway. You can miss your drive to the right and still hit the fairway because of the slope. Then you must hit your approach shot on the correct tier of the green while controlling your spin.

When you're ready to get away from stress and get lost in the beauty of the south, make it a stay and play weekend at Pursell Farms.

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