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5 Ways to Celebrate a Friday Night Wedding

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Yesterday she was just a girl in love. Today, she’s an official fiancée. Congratulations! It’s time to get excited about that upcoming wedding. Before the bride can walk down the aisle, though, she needs to get some serious wedding planning underway.

Apart from choosing the wedding venue, one of the most essential aspects is picking the date. What month and what day of the week? While Saturday is the traditional day, there’s much to be said for a Friday night ceremony.

The Benefits of Friday Nuptials

Most brides want to get married on a Saturday, so they can invite as many friends and family members as desired and give those guests time to arrive. They also love knowing the next day is Sunday, which gives them time to relax, recuperate, and spend time with guests. While this plan certainly makes sense, it becomes highly competitive because many brides love the same idea.

This means there’s a lot of competition for Saturday weddings. Even if the bride has found the ideal venue and date, her plans might not happen if that Saturday is already booked. Switching the wedding date to just one day earlier could mean the difference between her dream venue and a second or third choice.

Friday weddings have another perk—more vendor availability. When wedding venues fill up, all the accompaniments do as well. That means vendors like the following:

  •  Photographers
  •  Cake bakers
  •  Florists
  •  Bands
  •  Hair Stylists
  •  Caterers
  •  And more

Holding a Friday night wedding often means the bride can have her pick of vendors and arrangements, whether she wants to arrive at the ceremony in a limousine or a horse-drawn carriage.

Finally, everyone loves saving money. It’s a well-known fact that weddings come with a hefty bill, so any time there’s money left in the budget, it is always a win. Having a non-Saturday wedding can save money, typically 20 to 30 percent, for a Friday or Sunday wedding and up to 50 percent for a wedding held anytime from Monday to Thursday.

Here’s some exciting news: for a bride in love with Pursell Farms leisure resort, a non-Saturday wedding celebration could save her up to 28 percent.

Now that the date’s set, it’s time to plan the big day.

5 Ideas for Exchanging Vows on a Friday

Going non-traditional with the wedding date is an exciting way to make the day unique. There’s no single way to plan or enjoy a wedding. Of course, a non-traditional time can still feature a traditional wedding. If the bride has her heart set on the type of wedding her mama or grandmamma had, she can easily make that happen on a Friday too.

Here are some ideas for brides ready to make Friday their day.

Cocktail Party

If the bride likes to keep plans simpler, she might love the idea of a cocktail party. A cocktail party instead of a formal dinner can keep the festivities more focused—especially helpful for anyone driving in from a long distance. Typically, guests enjoy a variety of finger foods and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which makes the party all-ages-friendly. Having a shorter event on Friday doesn’t mean the celebrations are over, though. Activities can extend into the weekend for those who want to make it last longer.

BBQ Casual

For a backyard wedding, the bride and groom can keep the low-key vibe with a BBQ-centered dinner reception. There’s no need to get dressed in formal gowns or a suit and tie here. Regardless of dress attire, a handy supply of personalized BBQ bibs is a must.

After-Dinner Wedding Celebration

Who says the happy couple needs to have the ceremony before the reception? Having the dinner reception first and the service second can be the perfect way to celebrate a new union. The wedding party and their guests have enjoyed a dinner feast, complete with toasts and speeches, and now they’re ready to participate in some post-dinner celebrations. Think of it as a romantic form of after-dinner theater, where guests are there to share the magical event and take home memories.

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