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How to Throw a Post Elopement Party

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There are many reasons couples may choose to elope. Some couples may have planned a big wedding, only to have their plans derailed by Covid-19. Other couples may have eloped because they wanted to enjoy a destination wedding without putting a financial burden on their families, or they may have needed to marry within a certain timeframe. Post-elopement parties can allow couples to celebrate their marriage with loved ones even after choosing to elope.

What Is a Post-Elopement Party?

Post-elopement parties are similar to wedding after-parties, but without having people attend the wedding itself. It’s the solution for couples who have chosen to elope for one reason or another but still want to celebrate their union with family and friends.

Is It Okay to Elope and Then Have a Party?

Absolutely! Choosing to elope with your partner can create an intimate memory for just the two of you and your chosen witnesses. You can also save money by choosing to elope and get married in a place that matters to the two of you without worrying about seating capacities.

But there’s no denying that eloping isn’t a traditional wedding experience, and it can be disappointing to family and friends that they weren’t able to share your wedding with you. A post-elopement party is an opportunity to celebrate your union together while avoiding fights about traditions or expectations and can allow you to plan a stress-free event on your timetable.

When Should You Have a Post-Elopement Party?

The great thing about post-elopement parties is that they’re free of expectations. You can have the party any time from the day after you marry to a year after you marry. So, you can feel free to plan your party for whenever things tend to slow down for you at work or whenever it makes sense for you to gather family and friends together.

One idea for saving costs on a post-elopement party is to have the party on a Friday or Sunday. Because these aren’t peak times for weddings, you may be able to save money by having your party on one of these days. You can even try something unique like a Sunday brunch to make your post-elopement party stand out from a traditional wedding celebration.

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How Do You Prepare for a Post-Elopement Party?

Elopement reception planning is a lot like preparing for a traditional wedding reception but with way less stress. You may not need a photographer, especially if you had one at your elopement, and you can get away with not having a traditional wedding cake, either. But you’ll still want to send out elopement party invitations and spend some time planning your decor.

What Should You Do at a Post-Elopement Party?

Post-elopement parties are, first and foremost, parties. Turn up the music and have some fun with family and friends!

But they’re also a celebration of your union with your partner, so it can be fun to have some classic wedding traditions as part of your celebration, especially if you didn’t have a chance to participate in those traditions when you eloped. A post-elopement party can also be a fun time to show off your wedding photos or video footage of your elopement.

Plan Your Birmingham, Alabama Post-Elopement Party Today

Looking to host a post-elopement party here in Birmingham? Look no further than Pursell farms. We can help you plan the perfect post-elopement party to celebrate your marriage in a way that is unique to you! Maybe you want to have a quiet elopement in a serene location. We can help there too. Download our guide to learn more.

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