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Memorable Southern Destination Wedding for Your Guests

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Southerners are world-famous for their hospitality and laid-back approach to life. Of course, the food isn’t bad down here, either.

Perhaps that’s why southern destination weddings are so popular. Things move a little slower, people are a little friendlier, and comfort food brings new meaning to the word “delicious.”

If you’re considering a destination wedding, the South has everything you could want—and more.

Traditional Destination Wedding Choices

You can plan a destination wedding pretty much anywhere you like. Traditional choices include vineyards, tropical beaches, and big cities like New York or Paris. Many brides and grooms choose these destinations because they want to experience something new and unique for their wedding day. Unfortunately, this creates a problem: The guests focus a bit too much on the destination and don’t pay much attention to the wedding itself.

If you’re more interested in the trip and don’t care much about whether the focus is truly on your partner and yourself, you can choose any destination you like. Choose a location you’ve always wanted to visit (or a favorite spot) and make the whole event a vacation with a wedding as the main event.

If, however, you’re looking for something a bit more romantic with an intimate atmosphere, a southern destination wedding is a sure bet.

Why Guests Love a Southern Destination Wedding

A southern destination wedding combines beautiful scenery with history in an intimate setting. Guests typically adore these destination weddings and it’s easy to see why.

Beautiful Nature and Ideal Weather

The South is known for its gorgeous landscapes and temperate climate. No matter the season, the weather rarely gets below freezing, and even the summer heat is no match for a good air conditioner and a few ceiling fans. In fact, southern sunsets are truly spectacular during the summer as the air slowly becomes cooler and cicadas chirp in the background.

Spring and fall are also popular seasons. Spring starts early down here—typically as soon as late February or early March. Fall lasts well into November, and sometimes it stays warm till December. Because it rarely snows in the South, you don’t have to worry about freezing temps or snow plows. Winter weddings are incredibly common in Alabama, thanks to the mild weather.

Multiple Locations for Every Type of Wedding

When people hear “southern wedding,” they often think of barns with mason jars and hay bales. That’s absolutely an option, but there are other southern wedding destinations, too.

You can host a classy, elegant event at a country club. Guests can enjoy the onsite spa and golf course between wedding festivities.

Farms are also popular, but if you’re thinking of a muddy cornfield, think again. Many southern farms host weddings and similar events,and they’re gorgeous venues with all the amenities you can imagine. You might find a large barn with hay bales, but it’ll be sparkling with lights and feel both elegant and rustic.

Of course, there are urban southern locations, too. We have a variety of modern downtown loft spaces and historic buildings renovated into wedding and event spaces. There’s truly something for everyone in the South.

Southern Traditions—With a Twist

The South is all about tradition, history, and folklore (ever heard of burying the bourbon?). But that doesn’t mean your wedding will feel outdated or stuffy. When you plan a southern destination wedding, expect to feel all the wonderful benefits of the South, like historical sites, proper etiquette, and comfort food, but with the graceful, welcoming atmosphere that only Southern hospitality can bring.

We love our traditions, but we also recognize when things need a little update. Enjoy our modern twist on all things southern, and feel free to bring your own traditions, too.

Intimate Ceremonies

Of course, your wedding ceremony is the most important part of this trip. There are plenty of activities and dining options to explore in the South, but the ceremony will feel intimate. You and your partner are the primary focus of a southern destination wedding and you’ll feel surrounded by love as all your nearest and dearest friends and family join to celebrate your big day.

Pursell Farms Is the Ideal Southern Wedding Destination

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or live nearby, Pursell Farms is the ideal location for a southern wedding. We host weddings in Alabama and our location has a little something for everyone.

We offer a variety of accommodations, including an inn, cottages, cabins, and more. Each room is fully decorated with traditional, elegant Southern decor. We have plenty of dining options and activities for guests to enjoy, including a spa, golf course, yoga, recreational areas, and more.

Request a proposal to find out more about southern weddings at Pursell Farms.

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