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Making A Menu: The Delicious Dishes of Pursell Farms

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Making a Menu

For The Inn at Pursell Farms to become a reality, it took a village of exceedingly talented individuals to make the dream possible. Owners envisioned the dream. Architects sketched the blueprints. Builders measured twice and cut once. Designers played with paints and patterns. Our general manager crunched numbers. And Executive Chef Andrea Griffith wrote, tested, and tasted dozens of recipes before she perfected her menus for The Inn’s new outlets, Arrington, and Old Tom’s Pub.    

Writing a new menu (much less nine menus after it was all said and done) is not an easy task, even for seasoned chefs. But time and time again, we have seen our expert chef’s culinary creativity come to life in the kitchen by crafting some dynamite dishes. Once given the direction, expectations, and atmosphere for her new restaurants, Chef Andrea got to work visualizing dishes that would fit the“upscale, southern and farm-fresh far” at Arrington and the“Scottish-American gastropub food” at Old Tom’s Pub. For more than eight months, she wrote recipes, tested them in her new commercial kitchen, made modifications, and practiced plating and presentation until each dish was worthy to serve.

The inspiration for several menu items came from popular, familiar dishes such as a comforting bowl of tomato soup and piping-hot grilled cheese sandwich. By sourcing fresh, local ingredients and adding her own culinary twist, Chef Andrea took this classic soup/sandwich combo to the next level. More southern favorites like shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, and chicken and dumplings have all been recreated, each with their own unique spin. At Old Tom’s Pub, Chef Andrea recommends the Shrimp & Grits pizza, a signature, gourmet pizza inspired by the ever-popular lowcountry dish. As for Arrington, she suggests the Chicken & Dumplings, which has become an instant favorite and nothing like the chicken and dumplings you ate as a child.

With more than 100 dishes spread across nine different menus, we are certain you will find a dish (or two) to give your taste buds a culinary treat.

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Arrington Breakfast

Arrington Dinner

Old Tom’s Pub Menu

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