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The Sweetness of Doing Nothing at Pursell Farms

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The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

There is a beautiful Italian phrase that is as much a part of the Italian culture as a good bottle of red wine and a hearty plate of pasta: “Il dolce far niente.” Loosely translated, it means “sweetness doing nothing.” Not to be confused with being lazy, “Il dolce far niente” is the essence of doing nothing and simply enjoying it!

Now ask yourself: when was the last time you slowed down completely to savor the stillness or little moments of everyday life? For many of us, it is difficult to recall when we last stopped to admire a beautiful sunset or noticed squirrels scurrying in the backyard. Our fast-paced, work-driven, digitally-immersed world can often cloud our vision of life’s simple pleasantries, leaving us feeling drained mentally and physically.

Escaping from the constant hustle and bustle can be challenging. Still, we know that an uninterrupted getaway from the busyness of life can be just the trick to restore your overall well-being. The concept of “Il dolce far niente” does not require a trip to the Amalfi Coast. With 3,200 acres of rare privacy, Pursell Farms can be your escape from reality to unplug, unwind, reconnect and recharge while still being close to home. Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing right here at The Farm.

Whether you prefer an adventure or more leisurely activities, we are ready to help you plan your escape. Our ‘Get Out of Town’ package begins with a beautifully-appointed guestroom at The Inn, a bottle of champagne and sweet treat in your guestroom upon arrival, and a $50 resort credit for you to use on your ideal Farm getaway. So, find an activity to enhance your stay or enjoy a simple retreat with quality time lounging by the pool, a morning walk around the property, or an afternoon yoga session. This package was designed with you in mind.

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September 19, 2018

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