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The Golf Trip Guide for the Whole Family

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Summer is almost upon us, and people around the U.S. have begun planning their family vacations. Of course, the usual suspects make the list of must-visits: Disney World or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon, or maybe an all-inclusive family cruise. What may not make the list but is worthy of consideration is a golf vacation for the whole family.

If a golf trip wasn’t on your immediate list of best family vacation spots, it may be because you believe that golf is a sport for dad, but in our experience, that isn’t the case. Today, many women consider themselves to be golf fans. And of course, stories of golf heroes, like Tiger Woods, who started playing golf at age two will probably convince you that even your kids can feel at home on the golf course.

Some Helpful Facts About Family Golf Activities

We realize that it may be a bit suspect if we, the owners of a golf course in Alabama, tried to convince you that a family golf vacation is a great time for everyone. As it turns out, the game has millions of fans (and not just because we say so, though we admit, we’re kind of biased given our love of the game).

We compiled some golf stats to help you look at your decision from a more objective point of view. Here are some golf facts, courtesy of the National Golf Foundation (NGF), may surprise you.

According to the NGF,

  • Almost 120 million people, or more than one-in-three people, five years old or older play golf. Not only that, they followed the game closely via the news media, sports outlets, and other industry-related venues. Nearly 6.5 million of them are women.
  • Nearly 3.5 million kids play junior golf, and of them, 37% are girls. More women are now beginner golfers than any other segment of golf players.
  • Of those, more than 40 million of them played golf-related games off the course. These are people who would love to hit a few balls at the golf range, play a round at places like Top Golf and other family fun centers around Alabama, and do other related golf activities. (They’re probably also fans of golf gifts, too!)
  • In 2022, nearly 21 million people who were not yet golfers expressed an interest in wanting to take up the sport.

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Packages For The Best Family Golf Vacations

Many people who play golf on the regular will come to a place like Pursell Farms and take part in stay and play golf packages. In our case, a golf package may include

  • A certain amount of Tee time
  • Lodging
  • Use of a golf cart
  • Time at the range
  • And more

These stay and play golf packages offer golfers an economical way to enjoy a couple of days of play for a reasonable price (and that includes many amenities that make gameplay more comfortable and fun).

However, it’s important to point out that when you take a destination golf vacation at a place like Pursell Farms, more than just golf activities are open to you. We mention this because even though more and more people are opting for golf vacations nowadays, it’s also true that the best family vacations offer something for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

In other words, being willing to compromise not only ensures that the vacation is fun for all but also helps to build important life and interpersonal skills. To that end, we suggest that families who want to take a family golf vacation do so in a place where there are lots of other types of fun things to do, like:

Other Factors to Consider When Visiting Golf Courses in the Southeast

Nowadays, many families have far-reaching goals in mind for their vacations. Yes, the best family golf vacations are mainly about fun and adventure, but many parents are acutely aware of the educational opportunities that come with traveling. To satisfy that desire, many parents choose vacation destinations that open up new horizons for their kids. Families that choose Pursell Farms as a vacation destination not only have an opportunity to visit many of the amazing museums and educational institutions in places like nearby Birmingham, but they also enjoy learning about the history of the area around our farm.

While many who take up their clubs on our golf course do so just because they love the game so much, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention how steeped in history this area is. Here’s a preview of some of the things you and yours will have an opportunity to learn more about when you preview our course.

  • The old sawmill and railroad history
  • Bootlegger (Prohibition history)
  • Hernando de Soto’s trail
  • And more…

Final Thoughts on Golf Trips for The Whole Family

While many people believe that golf is a game for dad while everyone else sits on the sidelines, that just isn’t the case. Many people love the sport, and nowadays, many families consider golf vacations as a viable option once summer vacation rolls around. If you’d like to learn more about our stay and play golf packages as well as the many things for families to do here on the farm and beyond, reach out to us with questions or for a proposal.

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