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Make Your Wedding Easier with a Wedding Venue That Provides Catering

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Though picking out a dress and a color scheme are some of the more fun elements of planning southern destination weddings, they aren’t the only things that belong on the wedding planning checklist. Creating a solid vendor list, for example, is another priority that can’t be overlooked.

Any “ultimate wedding planning checklist” you see includes the following services. No matter the theme, destination, or size of your event, you’ll want to have trained professionals in these fields in your corner.

  • Photographer and/or videographer: A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you should hire someone experienced and qualified to capture every moment. A collection of beautiful photos is a great way to remember the day two became one and a video helps you remember all the sights and sounds of the event for years to come.
  • Wedding planner: While it may be tempting for a bride to take all event coordinating matters into her own hands, hiring a professional wedding planner is always a good idea. They know all the ins and outs of getting the happy couple to the altar smoothly. Having one of these experts there to keep things on schedule and handle any problems that may arise takes a load of stress off your shoulders.
  • Florist: Those beautiful, Pinterest-worthy floral arrangements don’t just grow like that; a trained professional works to make sure the flowers on display meet your standards and match your vision.
  • Officiant: Whether you’ll be having a religious or secular ceremony, you and your partner must have an appropriate officiant present to perform the ceremony. Otherwise, the I dos aren’t official.
  • DJ or Band: When the ceremony is over, dinner has been served, and the drinks are flowing, it’s time for you and your guests to hit the dance floor. A band or DJ provides the perfect playlist for the day’s events.

Perhaps the most difficult part of planning destination weddings, particularly if the said destination is one with which the happy couple is unfamiliar, is coordinating with a large number of vendors. Fortunately, a good wedding coordinator or a thorough Google search can provide referrals for the aforementioned services in the area.

When it comes to finding other destination wedding vendors, like those who provide catering and cake, on the other hand, it’s easiest to do things in-house.

Should You Have Your Wedding Venue Provide Catering and Cake?

Simply put, opting for a wedding venue where catering and a cake are provided eliminates unwanted stress and saves time. Places like Pursell Farms, for example, provide everything needed to get a bride down the aisle without a hitch, from lodging for the wedding party to tasty food for the reception. This makes for a fairly easy and pain-free wedding planning process, ideal for couples who want to spend their day celebrating instead of stressing.

Tips for Choosing In-House Wedding Vendors for Food

Understand Your Serving Style

The first step you should take in the nuptial-planning process — aside from deciding to get married, of course — is figuring out what kind of ceremony and reception you hope to have. If your southern destination wedding will go a sophisticated and traditional route, perhaps you’ll want your caterer to provide a full-service meal for attendees. If your big day will be a bit more laid-back and unique, however, you may want food served via buffet or stations.

Begin developing a clear vision for the day as soon as possible, and be certain the caterers at the venue you’ve selected can work with that.

Do Your Research

Once you and your significant other have imagined what your day will look like, begin searching for locations and venues that align with that vision. If you’re able, visit the vendors and sample the food in person. This gives you the chance to ask your questions and get price quotes before committing to anything.

Check the caterer’s references and reviews, be certain the food they prepare can accommodate any guests’ dietary restrictions, and ask whether their services include anything additional like flatware, linens, tables, bar services, or a cake.

Pick Your Battles

Finally, you’ll have to decide just how important the food is to you in the grand scheme of things. In-house vendors may only provide certain types of food and if you’re looking for a specific type, it may be more beneficial to use an outside vendor. Your options for food, serving styles, and more may be limited depending on the facility’s offerings, so you must decide if you can live with said limitations.

Consider Pursell Farms

Here at Pursell Farms, we work with you to make your special day as stress-free as possible and to keep the spotlight on you and your partner. Download the brochure below. Your dream wedding awaits!

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