ORVIS® Snooker Competition

Join us for a month of Snooker at ORVIS®! Compete for top scores, prizes, and enjoy precision target shooting on our 5-Stands.

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Join us for a month-long Snooker Competition at ORVIS this August! Test your skills on our 5-Stands, have fun, and compete for great prizes. The top 5 single scores at the end of the month will win a prize!

What is Snooker?
Snooker is a thrilling clay shooting game that combines precision and strategy. Shoot a series of targets in a specific order to score points, aiming to hit the most targets in the correct sequence.

How to Play Snooker:
1. Start with a Red: Hit a red target (1 point).
2. Choose a Color: After hitting a red, select a colored target (2-7 points).
3. Repeat the Sequence: Continue hitting a red followed by a colored target.
4. Scoring: Points accumulate based on successful hits.

Join us at ORVIS for fun, skill-building, and competition. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, Snooker is engaging and rewarding. Don’t miss out on your chance to win great prizes and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow shooting enthusiasts. See you on the 5-Stand!

Note: Adhere to safety guidelines and event rules. Happy shooting!


Snooker Competition:

Call the clubhouse for more information (256) 245-3165

Competition Highlights

1. Month-long Competition: Join us for a thrilling Snooker competition throughout August at ORVIS®.
2. 5-Stand Challenge: Test your shooting skills on our 5-Stands in a competitive setting.

3. Top Scorers Prize: Win fantastic prizes if you achieve one of the top 5 single scores by month's end.

4. Precision and Strategy: Experience the excitement of combining precision and strategy in clay shooting.

5. Fun and Skill-building: Engage in enjoyable competition while honing your shooting abilities.

6. All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether you're a beginner or seasoned shooter, this event is for everyone.

7. Safety First: Adhere to strict safety guidelines and event rules for a secure and rewarding experience.

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