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Enjoy the holiday magic with Kris Allen in Hamilton Place's ballroom, featuring beloved Christmas classics and tunes from "Pole Vaulter".

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Come join us for a magical evening with Kris Allen as he wraps up his 2024 tour with a special Christmas-themed show at the beautiful Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms. This event, designed especially for Pursell Farms, promises an unforgettable night filled with holiday cheer, family fun, and amazing music.

Kris will be performing all your favorite Christmas songs, perfect for singing along and getting into the festive spirit. It’s a great way for families to come together and celebrate the season.

Plus, Kris will be sharing new songs from his latest 2024 album, “Pole Vaulter,” mixing fresh tunes with classic holiday hits for a truly special performance.

Don't miss out on this warm and joyful evening with Kris Allen. Bring your loved ones and join us at Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms for a heartwarming celebration that combines the magic of Christmas music with exciting new songs. It's the perfect way to end Kris Allen's 2024 tour.

Get your tickets now and be part of this festive night filled with music, joy, and holiday spirit!


$35 Per Person (Plus Taxes & Fees)

VIP Seating: Only guests who book an overnight stay + event ticket will receive reserved priority seating closer to the stage.

Show Time & Location

· 7:30PM – 9:00PM
· Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms

Call to book your package or evening ticket

(256) 208-2040

Reaching New Heights: Kris Allen's 'Pole Vaulter' Album

Kris Allen's 2024 album "Pole Vaulter" marks a triumphant return for the American Idol winner, showcasing his evolution as an artist. Blending introspective lyrics with infectious melodies, the album takes listeners on an emotional journey, reflecting on life's ups and downs with a hopeful, uplifting spirit. "Pole Vaulter" features a diverse mix of acoustic ballads, anthemic rock tracks, and pop-infused hits, highlighting Allen's versatility and maturity. Standout tracks like "Leap of Faith" and "Sky's the Limit" capture the essence of striving for new heights, making "Pole Vaulter" a resonant and inspiring addition to Kris Allen's discography.

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