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The Definitive 2023 Rustic Wedding Theme Guide

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The Definitive 2023 Rustic Wedding Theme Guide

The rustic wedding theme, characterized by its natural, earthy elements and unrefined touches, has been a timeless trend in the wedding industry.

Yet, as we plough through 2023, some new twists and variations are bringing fresh vitality to this classic style. This guide walks you through the most up-to-date trends, designs, and ideas that capture the essence of the 2023 rustic wedding.

1. Choose a rustic setting

Your wedding setting, including the geographic location and specific venue, sets the tone for the entire theme of your day of matrimony. We recommend starting with a geographic location that encapsulates a classic rustic setting. We are partial to the southern countryside, however there are many great outdoor settings.

Choosing a location that is outside of the nearest city is a good starting point. Plenty of trees, rolling hills, and open farmland or pastures sets the stage as you and your guests travel to the venue. Upon arrival, backdrops such as split rail fences, barns, orchards, and other typical farm scenery begin dialing-in the rustic wedding vibe.

Outdoor rustic wedding venues

An outdoor venue under the shade of natural trees or a vine-cloaked trellis can be a great option, weather permitting. If you opt for a summer rustic wedding, consider whether the temperature will be too hot, and plan the time of day for your ceremony accordingly.

Vineyards, mountain views, and woodland settings can allow for a great combination of a refreshing breeze and natural shading while offering a backdrop that requires minimal decoration.

Barns and historical buildings for an indoor marriage ceremony

Depending on the weather, time of day, and available venues, you can choose an indoor venue such as a barn or historical building that offers climate control, indoor lighting, and other amenities that might make more sense for your rustic marriage ceremony. A refurbished barn or historic farmhouse can provide the perfect blend of elegance and countryside feel.

2. Rustic wedding theme colors and textures

Consider the color scheme of your indoor location and decorations. Many indoor country wedding venues include natural finished wood and other rustic, earthy tones within the building itself, which offers an excellent canvas for further decorations.

As far as additional adornments, table settings, and accouterments, choose neutral, warm colors like shades of brown, beige, and green that dominate the rustic wedding color scheme and complement the natural surroundings.

Consider incorporating textural contrasts within the fabric decorations like burlap with lace or wood over soft fabrics, creating an eclectic, yet harmonious rustic appearance.

3. Wild and free-flowing floral arrangements

Wildflowers are a key component of the best rustic wedding themes, often placed in mason jars or vintage vases. We are quite partial to floral arrangements that include sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, and lavender combined with lush greenery.

4. Handcrafted and personalized decorations

The non-floral decorations offer a great opportunity to showcase your rustic wedding theme and encapsulate the essence and culture of a country life.

Consider including wooden signs, barrels, and other wood centerpieces. Driftwood and reclaimed wood add a touch of vintage allure.

Personalizing these wooden decorations with wedding-specific phrases including family names, the wedding date, and other elements add the extra touch that transform generic decorations into a personalized wedding experience.

Custom illustrations, hand-written invitations, or family heirloom pieces within the decorations can further provide an exceptionally personal vibe to the country wedding theme.

5. Farm-to-table food and beverages

Local, organic foods served in family-style or buffet formats perfectly align with the rustic theme.

For appetizers, consider including an artisanal cheese plate, stuffed mushrooms, or spinach and artichoke dip. Starters such as an heirloom tomato salad or vegetable platter offer great healthy options before the main course. We really like herb roasted chicken, braised lamb shanks, or grilled ribeye for the main meal. For vegetarian guests, consider an option like wild mushroom risotto, grilled vegetable and polenta stack, or a lentil shepherd’s pie.

Rustic beverage options like craft beer, homemade sangria, and bourbon cider punch served warm or chilled round out the country wedding themed meal. For non-alcoholic beverages, consider fresh-squeezed lemonade, herbal iced tea, or fruit-infused sparkling water.

6. Comfortable yet elegant rustic attire

For the bridal attire, you can dial in the rustic wedding theme with gowns that have simple, graceful lines. The groom should consider a relaxed, yet tailored suit to fit the rustic aesthetic. Think about using natural fabrics and vintage-inspired accessories.

Female guest attire might include casual flowy dresses in natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Skirts and blouses with lace or ruffle details can provide another extra touch.

For male guests, consider crisp button down shirts with a check or soft plaid pattern. Trousers could include slacks or khakis. To really hit a rustic vibe, avoid overly formal fabrics if possible. A gray or brown suit matches the country vibe better than a black suit.

7. Cozy and community-oriented entertainment

Entertainment selection can really cap-off the rustic wedding experience. Think about outdoor games such as horseshoes or cornhole, bonfires, and live folk music to round out the country theme.

8. Environmentally-friendly weddings: a growing concern in 2023

In 2023, emphasizing sustainability across your wedding theme can put you in line with the times. This applies across your entire wedding including sustainably-sourced food, reusable decorations, digital invitations, and anything else that reduces the ecological footprint of your rustic wedding.


The 2023 rustic wedding theme encapsulates a blend of tradition and innovation, with an emphasis on natural beauty, comfort, and environmental consciousness. The resurgence of handcrafted elements, the celebration of local goods, and the commitment to sustainability make the rustic theme a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing choice for contemporary couples.

Whether it’s the choice of venue or the intricate details of decor, embracing the rustic theme allows couples to create a personalized, warm, and inviting celebration that resonates with the joys of togetherness and love.

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