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How to Host a Luxury Wedding on a Golf Course

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When you think of a luxury wedding venue, the first things that may come to mind are botanical gardens, immaculately decorated churches, or historic homes. While those do make stunning places to host a wedding, another type of location proves to make an equally beautiful backdrop for a happy couple’s nuptials: a golf course.

A golf course wedding is a choice well worth considering for those who want to join the ranks of the 68 percent who get married outdoors. Why? Because this type of venue boasts a unique set of benefits that can’t be beaten.

Breaking Down The Benefits: Why Golf Course Weddings Are Good for the Groom and the Bride

Indoor and Outdoor Access

Perhaps the biggest advantage of golf course weddings is access to both indoor and outdoor locations. In addition to the acres of perfectly manicured greenery, most golf courses also have clubhouses that are large enough to accommodate a large group of people.

Not only does this perk save the day when a chance of rain risks ruining the celebration, but it also provides a space for both the ceremony and reception to be held. No need for guests to make the drive from one location to another when they can simply stroll from the course to the lodge.

The ultimate guide to planning a luxurious southern destination wedding

Plenty of Space

When a wedding ceremony or reception is held at a hotel, there is always a chance of another event or party going on at the same time. Though sharing a location usually doesn’t affect indoor activities, as each event will be held in a separate ballroom, it may cause problems with logistical details, like parking, for example.

Reserving a golf course, however, usually guarantees that you and your guests will have plenty of space. Golf courses are large and have more than enough room to comfortably accommodate multiple events at the same time. This means you and your guests have the freedom to occupy more of the space while eating, drinking, and being merry without fear of disrupting anyone else or making a mess of the parking lot.

Elegant Scenery

Southern destination weddings create the potential for stunning views. This region of the United States boasts a wide variety of landscapes. Depending on the golf course you choose, you and your significant other could be saying “I do” in front of the Gulf Coast’s tranquil waves or a cluster of beautiful pines.

Tips for Planning Memorable Golf Course Weddings

Take Advantage of the Course Staff’s Expertise

Chances are, yours will not be the first wedding held on the golf course’s grounds. That’s why it’s a wise choice to consult with the venue’s staff as you go through the planning process. Ask what other brides did on their big days. If there’s a course wedding organizer on staff, consider enlisting their services. These people are familiar with the area’s offerings and the facility’s amenities, so they’ll be full of good advice and practical tips to make your life easier.

Plan a Golfing Event

It would certainly be a shame if all your guests made their way to a golf course and didn’t get the chance to play a round or two! When creating a schedule for the big day, leave some free time before or after the ceremony or during the reception for all of the avid golfers in attendance to hit the green.

Including an opportunity for a bit of tee time not only leaves all of your golf-loving guests with new and happy memories but also sets yours apart from other southern destination weddings in a fun and unique way.

Include a Pet in the Ceremony

While the bride and groom are expected to be the focal points of any wedding, some couples want to share the spotlight with their beloved furry friends. Golf course weddings often create an opportunity to do just that. Whether or not this is possible depends on the exact course chosen, so be sure to consult with the venue staff before arriving with your pet.

Contact Pursell Farms

If you’re still on your search for the perfect place to tie the knot, make sure a golf course is on your list of options to consider. Destination weddings held at this type of venue boast their own set of unique benefits, including those listed above and more.

When you’re searching for a place at which to host your wedding, keep Pursell Farms in mind. We are a destination that provides unrivaled southern hospitality and our grounds, which includes a top-ranked golf course, make a gorgeous setting for your big day.

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