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Fall Golf Primer - Stay, Play, and Tailgate

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Nearly 25 million people play golf each year. Many people take these golf trips to golf courses in the southeast in the summertime. These pre-fall golf players come to FarmLinks, for the gorgeous views of Alabama, the craft beers in Old Tom’s Pub, and the non-stop action on the greens.The license plates on the cars in front of the Pursell Farms golf cabins are from places like California, New Jersey, Arizona, and more. The cars belong to the summer golfers who have come here to escape their busy lives and take a golf vacation before their kids start high school football in the fall.And as expected, they have a great time.

Tips On Planning A Fall Golf Trip

But the fall golf crowd is different. Some of the golfers are local. Their activities mix. Golf and tailgate parties are the norm, with football fans playing a few rounds of golf in the crisp fall air before kickoff at 2:00 p.m. Getting one of the stay and play packages allows these ardent fall golf and football enthusiasts to play up until that last minute.If the summer golf vacationers come to escape their lives for a while, fall golf fans love to be in the thick of both their favorite sports. The trick is knowing how to juggle well enough to pull off a mean fall golf game and to plan an excellent tailgate party after gameplay on the greens is over.

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Good General Tips for Fall Golf

Typically, the greens aren’t as busy during the fall golf season. When people want to hit the golf course in the summer, they have to work around the golf course’s busy schedule. They’ll take whatever tee times they can get, and golfers plan their other activities around their golf schedules.However, fall golfers have an advantage. Fall golf play moves a player from prime golf season to more of the off-season. Tee times are easier to get. Courses offer golf packages at lower prices. Equipment rentals, greens fees, and other golf-related activities are usually discounted, too.Some golfers like to play in the fall because the rules relax. Leaves of red, green, and gold cover the greens. No leaf penalty here. If you can’t find your golf ball, oh well. You and your teammates can just estimate where the ball went. And, of course, it’s a bonus to play in such breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.Finally, fall is an excellent time to take up golf if you’re planning on investing in equipment. Many golf pro shops reduce the prices of their playing equipment, and you can get some sweet deals on clubs, golf balls, and other equipment if you choose to play fall golf.

Fall Golf Players Plan Around Their Favorite Team’s Schedule

It’s totally possible to plan an early morning golf game and then be back home in time for kick-off. It’s even easier to do if you get a course preview. Doing this allows you to mentally plan how long each hole might take, which will give you a more realistic idea of how much time you’ll need to get around FarmLinks.And as we mentioned, golf and tailgate parties are a thing here at Pursell Farms. Many of our players plan their tee times around their favorite teams’ schedules with the idea that they’re going to go back to their cabin, cottage, or lodge to watch the big game between rounds of golf.Stay and play golf packages include cabin, cottage, or lodge stays, as well as the use of a golf cart, which ensures that you’ll make it off the course in time to see kick-off. The Parker Lodge stay and play package includes an option for a private chef. Players who take advantage of this package play a mean round of fall golf while their private chef creates a spread of gourmet snacks and treats worthy of the best tailgating parties around!

Pack for Both Warm and Cool Weather

We will say this. Fall is generally fickle, which does make fall golf a bit tricky to navigate from a temperature standpoint. Mornings in Alabama wake up crisp, with deposits of frost sleeping on the greens as far as the eye can see.It’s possible to play golf in the morning once the frost clears, though the temperatures might still be on the cool side. You definitely want a jacket or a sweatshirt for morning play.However, by midday, much of the cool has burned off, and the Crimson Tide sweatshirt you grabbed to make it through your morning golf rounds gets a bit hot by the afternoon. In light of this, the best bet for fall golf vacations is to pack for both warm and cold weather.You’ll want to bring a few items you can layer, like a sweatshirt, some T-shirts, and some button-down shirts. Flannel is a good choice, too. If you begin your golf game in the morning, you can put on a T-shirt and top it with a flannel shirt and a sweatshirt and then remove these layers as the day’s heat grows stronger.Do be aware that the reverse is also true. The night air will likely be chilly if you’re planning on making it to the firepit after your tailgating party. A fall jacket, a light scarf, a flannel shirt, and jeans will keep you comfortable while you chat with other Pursell Farms guests around the fire.

Final Thoughts on Fall Golf Vacations

Playing golf in the fall allows you to play golf when the greens are slightly less crowded. The greens explode with fall colors, and the crisp morning air makes the coffee in your thermos taste much better as you make your way around the greens.Best of all, stay and play golf packages allow you to combine your love of golf with your love of football without giving up time from either.As you can expect, it’s a great time.Contact us today for a stay and play golf package proposal for your group. Ask us about our golf and tailgating suggestions, too!

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