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5 Things You Should Know When Planning Your Modern Southern Wedding

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A wedding should be all about the couple being married. However, many couples find themselves trying to please older generations’ traditions which may conflict with the bride and groom’s more modern vision.  Thankfully, there are ways to modernize a traditional wedding and the south is the perfect place to throw a modern meets traditional wedding. When it comes to weddings, nothing beats southern hospitality.

5 Modern Southern Wedding Tips

Southern weddings are the very definition of grace and elegance. Whether you’re born and bred in the south or just like the allure of southern charm, you’re sure to love a modern southern wedding combination.

1. Southern Wedding Traditions

Having a modern wedding doesn’t mean you have to toss all traditions aside. The south has many fun old traditions you may want to weave into your modern wedding. Here are a few of our favorite southern wedding traditions:

The groom’s cake: Everyone expects the wedding cake to be decadent but if you really want to have some fun and show your personality, then a groom’s cake is the place to start. This cake can be anything from a blood-red armadillo cake to a cake that shows off the couple’s interest (a golf-themed cake, anyone?).

Cake pull: A cake pull involves placing ribbons in the bottom tier of the wedding cake. Each bridesmaid picks a ribbon and pulls it out to reveal a charm. The charms have different meanings and are believed to represent the person’s future.

2. Modern and Southern Color Palettes

Southern weddings are known for having neutral and soft pastel color palettes. However, you can easily modernize your color palette by adding bold pops of color and/or patterns. Some examples include:

  • Incorporate a bright flower into your arrangements.
  • Add plaid or striped ribbon to the decorations.
  • Use metallics and metals in your lighting scheme.

3. Modern Decorations

Wedding decor has come a long way and there are many new ways to modernize your wedding with a few decor changes. For example, toss the folding chairs and consider mixed-match vintage chairs to add personality to the space. Also, consider making lounge areas with velvet sofas and chaises so your guests have a comfortable place to rest their feet when they aren’t busy on the dance floor.

A modern tablescape is also an excellent modern touch to the reception area. It’s difficult to create beautiful photo moments while people are eating. However, a gorgeous tablescape will make all of those dining reception photos look amazing. A tablescape also gives you an opportunity to add a modern pop of color or pattern to your theme.

4. Interactive Entertainment

Everyone expects to dance at a wedding but not everyone likes dancing. To keep all of your guests happy and entertained, consider including some alternative entertainment such as:

  • Bourbon and/or wine tasting station
  • A bounce castle — kids and adults will love this
  • A Jenga set in the lounge area
  • A wedding Mad Lib on each table
  • Interactive “Newlywed” style games

Performers are a great entertainment option during cocktail hour and there are a plethora of performers to choose from such as string quartets, aerial artists, impersonators, a brass band, artists, or even circus performers.

5. Southern Destination Wedding

One of the easiest ways to escape a traditional wedding is to have a destination wedding. You can avoid a lot of family drama by getting away from where you live and having everyone go to a luxurious vacation location for your wedding. When you think about a destination wedding, you probably think of Vegas or somewhere tropical. However, destination weddings in the south are rapidly growing in popularity and for good reasons.

The south has many attributes that make for an ideal wedding location including:

  • Beautiful historic farms that can easily accommodate large bridal parties.
  • People are full of friendly southern hospitality.
  • Fun southern traditions you and your guests will love.
  • Gorgeous mountain and beach scenery.
  • Tons of rich history.

Weddings at Pursell Farms

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Pursell Farms is the epitome of southern luxury and charm. Our gorgeous grounds offer breathtaking scenery that’s perfect for your wedding photos. Our venues are designed with state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate all of your ceremony and reception equipment.  We offer two venue options. In addition, we provide delicious, farm-fresh catering you and your guests will love.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today for more information about our wedding packages. We would love to help you bring your dream wedding to life.

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