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Sunset at Secret Place


Sunset at Secret Place

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It's called "The Secret Place" because not many people even know it exists or will ever get a chance to experience its captivating views. Relax and enjoy a shuttled journey to the top of Chalybeate Mountain with 360 degree views of Alabama for a sunset experience at the most impressive location on property. Sip on wine while eating a delicious sunset snack as you settle into the serenity of an unimpeded view of rolling hills, lakes and the distant horizon at sunset.


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$120 per couple. Up to 5 couples for a maximum occupancy of 10 people

Sunset Details

Pick Up Time for The Sunset at Secret Place is 1 hour before sunset and includes a 1 hour visit

Please note that start times vary based on the season

Guests will meet in the lobby of the Inn and then be shuttled up to the top of the mountain

Availability is daily, however, you must book at least 24 hours in advance

Included in your reservation is a snack and half bottle of wine to be enjoyed at sunset

You may choose between white or red (this preference should be noted at the time of your booking)

Contact us to Reserve your Sunset Experience

To schedule your Sunset visit to "The Secret Place" or to add this to your next visit itinerary, call us and reserve it by dialing (256) 208-7600.

If you are on property and are interested in booking, please contact Guest Services or
stop by the registration desk in the lobby of the Inn.

Call to make an appointment

(855) 799-2826

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Reviews of

Sunset at Secret Place

Nature's Harmonious Evening

The serene journey to The Secret Place unveiled a harmony of nature's wonders. Ascending Chalybeate Mountain was a tranquil adventure, setting the tone for a captivating evening. The panoramic view of the Coosa River valley at sunset was awe-inspiring. Pairing this experience with dinner at Arrington made the evening a complete symphony of flavors and scenic beauty.


Epic Sunset Escape

The shuttle ride up to Chalybeate Mountain was an adventure in itself! The bumps on the dirt road were worth the surprise that awaited! It has been a while since I have seen such an amazing sunset...


Nothing compares to this kind of romance

The view over the valley was captivating. The surprise snack, wine, coupled with the evening's tranquility, made for an entirely romantic experience. Dinner at Arrington afterward was a fitting conclusion to such an memorable evening

Nancy J

Just beautiful

We added this little excursion at the last minute and before our dinner reservation. I ma so glad the we did! Pursell Farms has carved out something magical with that location on the mountain top.


Did that just happen?

When we arrived at "The Secret Place" (now I know why it is called that) the sky was cloudy but it looked like it might break apart and right on cue, the sun poked out just as it was dropping below the horizon. We sipped wine and just enjoyed the magic hour. Stunning!


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